permaculture in refugee settlement-ug

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Do you want to lear more about our project s and the impact we make? listen to our stories from the community we serve

Do you want to learn how mushrooms and permaculture are making impact in refugee settlemnt ? listen to the story

Are you unable to more and teach permaculture anywhere around the world ? here is the simplest way, use the song to reach more people, we have a group of young talented  who can mke it for you ,it's simple

Do you want to make an impact in refugees life through mushroom growing? we have story for you

Do you want to solve conflict  in refugees and host communitie? permaculture is the key, here is the stoy for you

Learn how permaculture makes an impact, by using  a keyhole garden, here is a story for you

Hear from the women from wakiso model permaculture, succes stories available

teaching permaculture through songs  can reach more people

Changing refugee lives through vocational skills

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